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GEA's HVAC manufacturing consultants can help you reduce working capital and defects, increase inventory turns, and improve on-time shipping, implement lean manufacturing processes that simplify your factory, supply chain, and customer channels to maximize effectiveness.HVAC Manufacturing

Our experts have specialized skills in the manufacture and assembly of a full range of HVAC products. Whether it is welding processes on a giant centrifugal chiller or the precise operations of assembling a mini-split...or if it is a high volume factory in the U.S. or a secialty factory making custom units in an Asian or Middle east plant...GEA's HVAC manufacturing experts have the extensive knowlegde base regarding the practical application of process improvements like Lean and Flow© Technologies, Six Sigma, and process mapping.

GEA can help you achieve these process improvements with the cost savings flowing immediately to your bottom line.

Free Consultation With GEA

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Demand Flow

  • Process Mapping & Improvement

  • Capital Equipment selection

  • Brazing, Welding, Cutting & Machining

  • Design for ManufacturabilityLean Manufacturing Process Improvement

  • HVAC Quality Systems

  • Plant layout and design

  • Global Supply Chain Development


GEA's HVAC manufacturing experts can help you in these areas.

Lean Manufacturing/Demand Flow

Lean Manufacturing Process Improvement5s Lean manufacturing, Lean Technologies, Six Sigma quality processes and Flow practices have become a pre-requisite for the survival of manufacturing businesses in today's global economy. Lean manufacturing processes have several applications such as Lean Enterprise, Lean Transformation, Lean Consulting, etc. When properly applied, Lean manufacturing can drive business objectives faster, with better definition, resulting in lower costs with less overall risk. GEA's HVAC manufacturing process improvement experts can blend and apply 5s Lean, Lean Tecnologies, Lean manufacturing and Flow practices along with Six Sigma quality control programs throughout your entire organization.

Process Mapping& Flow Charting

Internal teams or groups can be vital resources in choosing, reviewing, and improving business processes that are no longer effective. GEA's manufacturing process improvement experts will enhance your group's effectiveness toward accomplishing their goals when mapping important processes. Acting as experienced facilitators of the group dynamics, and not experts on your processes, GEA will advise your team on methods to help them succeed. Review these excellent articles on Flow Charting and Key Process Metrics from our GEA library.

Capital Equipment SelectionCapital Equipment Selection

Relocating, expanding, or building a new factory? Introducing a new product to the market? GEA's HVAC manufacturing process improvement consultants can help you select new or used equipment that is right for the job. We design and fabricate fixtures to meet the process requirements, apply Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) principles and provide expert advice on budget preparation, de-commissioning and disposal as needed.

Brazing, Welding , Cutting & Machining

Brazing, Welding , Cutting & MachiningGEA's world class welding engineers can work with your team to establish procedures and policies that will ensure high quality brazing, welding, cutting and machining of a wide range of materials. GEA has the necessary expertise to train workers and design fixtures that will enable superior results. Get to the root causes of joint failures, quality problems or costs that are too high. GEA has extensive knowledge and experience in SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and BRAZING as well as SUB-ARC and PLASMA. GEA's experts can help you attain approval to ASME, TUV and AWS standards.

Design for Manufacturability

To successfully achieve cost and reliability goals, manufacturing process improvements need to be selected as part of the initial design process. Lean© Manufacturing and Flow© Manufacturing technologies are part of GEA's expertise.

Quality Improvement Services

Resolve quality problems with the help of GEA's quality improvement experts. Implement quality systems that assure on-going quality. Visit our HVAC Quality Improvement page for further explanation and examples.

Plant Layout & Design

GEA's HVAC manufacturing process improvement experts can assist you in identifying systematic, cost effective new plant layout or facilities rearrangements with product flow analysis specific to your needs. Before large resource commitments are made. GEA provides reductions in cycle time, lead time, inventory, capital equipment, space, and lost time accidents. Visit our Factory Services page for additional details.

Codes and Standards

GEA will implement systems in your facility to comply with pressure vessel, electrical, and safety standards as well as establish certification programs for ISO 9001 Quality Standard and ISO14001 Environmental Standard.

Manufacturing Process Improvement Experts

Mike KozaMike Koza

Twenty-five years of manufacturing process improvement experience at Trane and Ford, including ten years specializing in Demand Flow© Technology training and implementation, automation equipment, construction and tool analysis for manufacturing. Mike has applied "Flow" to other areas including the office and service for factories and organizations around the world.

Dick Kuster

Dick KusterForty years of hands-on execution and strategic planning in systems, materials and multi-plant operations with small to mid-size manufacturers. Has worked with plant layout and material flow, single piece flow, self-directed work cells and focus factory within factory. Particular emphasis in engineered-to-order and assembled-to-order custom machinery environments.


Bill Spietz  Bill Spietz

Thirty seven years of Weld Engineering for The Trane Company providing technical welding leadership to all domestic branch plants and plants in France, Australia and China. Expert in thermal joining processes - arc welding (resistance welding, brazing/soldering), codes, OSHA Welding Safety Standards and pressure bearing weld joints.