HVAC Welding | Weld Quality

Welding is a primary area of GEA expertise which includes all facets of the science, art, and application of a broad range of metal joining processes.  GEA combined welding experience exceeds 100 years including process expertise in:

  • SMAW
  • GMAW
  • FCAW
  • GTAW
  • SAW
  • Resistance (Spot) Welding

Some will (incorrectly) include other metal joining and metal cutting methods such as:

  • Brazing (See our HVAC Brazing services)
  • Soldering
  • Manual Oxy-fuelHXR Welding
  • Plasma cutting 

Though technically these are not welding (see definitions in left column) our expertise does include these processes also.

Applicable products include:

Pressure vessels

  • shell and tube heat exchangers
  • fin and tube heat exchangers

Non-pressure vessels

  • building structures
  • sheet metal products.

 Arc Welding is used for the main chambers of heat exchangers and steel compressors. Main components are called shells, tube sheets, nozzles, couplings and piping (usually 3 inch diameter and larger).

GEA Weld Experts Can Help With:

  • Conformance to codes, standards and specifications. Examples are ASME, AWS, European PED, ISO and OSHA for safety.
  • Development of Quality Assurance Manuals for the Customer’s business needs. This includes all weld process control requirements.
  • Determination of true requirements of product to be weld fabricated including Design for Manufacturing.
  • Process training and qualifications
  • Auditing to insure continued effectiveness of training.
  • Welding Equipment and Consumables - Evaluation, specification, runoff, safety, documentation, installation, maintenance, training, and auditing.
  • Fixturing and tooling – Design, evaluation, specification, safety, runoff, documentation, installation, maintenance, training, and auditing.
  • Material Handling – Specialized design for specific welded product or to cover a range of products.
  • Development of repair procedures to correct base metal and filler metal nonconformities.

Weld Quality is Critical

Welding is synonymous with Quality. It is uncompromising. It is attention to detail; from material selection to fixturing, to welder training. Read Bill Spietz blog post listing the Key Variables and Hidden Variables that need be controlled.

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