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Brazing, Silver Brazing and Silver Soldering are common on coils, headers, interconnecting tubing/piping/fittings on brazingcommercial, light commercial and residential AC equipment. 

There are more than a hundred joints on many units which are a constant source of potential problems and costs to manufacturersmoney and installers. GEA Brazing experts can save you money by reducing leaks and improving braze joint quality which saves you warranty expense, in-house scrap as well as time and material costs


There are two common types of Silver Brazing filler metals for interconnecting tubing/piping/fittings (usually under 3 inch diameter) between heat exchangers and compressors on commercial  equipment;

  1. Copper-to-copper joints can be silver brazed with “low percent silver”  filler metals and no flux is needed if phosphorous is part of the alloy which provides the necessary fluxing action. An example filler metal is AWS BCuP-6 (2% silver).
  2.  Dissimilar metals like copper to steel can be silver brazed with “large percent silver” filler metals and a flux  is required. An example filler metal is AWS BAg-28(40% silver).

In addition GEA can help you with brazing of copper U-bends (not subject to vibration) with “no percent silver” filler metal, for example AWS BCuP-2. Other examples include Silver Soldering using 96% Tin - 4% Silver filler metal for small diameter copper-to-copper joints on residential lines.

GEA Brazing Experts Can Help With:

  • Conformance to codes, standards and specifications such as ASME, AWS, European PED, ISO and OSHA for safety.
  • Development of Quality Assurance Manuals for the Customer’s business needs. This includes all process control requirements.
  • Determination of true requirements of product to be joined including Design for Manufacturing.
  • Process training and qualifications.
  • Auditing to insure continued effectiveness of training.
  • Brazing Equipment and Consumables - Evaluation, specification, runoff, safety, documentation, installation, maintenance, training, and auditing.
  • Fixturing and tooling – Design, evaluation, specification, safety, runoff, documentation, installation, maintenance, training, and auditing.braze joint
  • Material Handling – Specialized design for specific welded product or to cover a range of products.
  • Development of repair procedures to correct base metal and filler metal nonconformities.

Braze Quality is No. 1

Brazing is synonymous with Quality. It is uncompromising. It is attention to detail; from material selection to fixturing, to brazing training. Read Bill Spietz blog post listing the Key Variables and Hidden Variables that need be controlled and Common Causes of Braze Joint Leaks.

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The Keys to Success



Bill Spietz, GEA Senior Weld Consultant, outlines the Nine Key Variables plus the Hidden Variables in this blog posting.