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Business Success

GEA HVAC Business Consultants  help new and mature businesses become more successful by providing business expertise, business coaching and insight to business enterprise whether you are looking to grow aggressively or simply improve your internal operating efficiencies.   

HVAC Business Coaching & Performance Evaluation

GEA experts will analyze your current organizational structure's strengths and weaknesses working with you to create a more productive structure for your business. Key policies and procedures will be reviewed to find methods for encouraging more productive behavior and performance. GEA partners with you to identify, preserve and improve existing strengths to insure a more dynamic organization, better prepared to handle existing business or new initiatives.

HVAC Business Effectiveness Audits:

Don't let contentment or complacency infiltrate your business slowing your growth. GEA Consulting applies Lean and Flow© Technologies to the office, distribution and service organizations as well as factories to improve performance and profitability. We provide a complete "HVAC Business Effectiveness Audit" which evaluates your business and factory processes to establish simple, effective, proven systems and processes to increase the efficiency of your business. GEA'S HVAC Business Effectiveness Audit eliminates waste and brings tough business issues under control by detecting risks or potential obstructions in your existing business and eliminates them. GEA combines innovation and creativity with our experience from assisting other successful companies to help your company compete and win.

Quality Performance Systems: 

Our professionals will help you implement quality system(s) optimized for the products/services you provide. We can help you implement systems to comply with pressure vessel, electrical and safety standards and establish certification programs for ISO 9001 Quality Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Standard. We'll apply Six Sigma principles to resolve problems, eliminate waste and reduce costs.

Free Consultation With GEA

Formation of HVAC Business Strategy & Plan

 Business Startup

GEA can provide the expertise for the critical start-up phase of a new business and bring direction to your new company. We'll work with you on developing a business plan and business model appropriate for you. We'll assist in:

  • Evaluating the initial business plan objectives
  • Identifying the correct market and customers
  • Establishing sales & distribution
  • Effective marketing and Providing after sales service
  • Finding, hiring and training key personnel for your new business
  • Temporary/Transitional Management

Strategy Development

Successful companies have far reaching plans and strategies that guide their actions in response to different conditions that will eventually exist. Today, acting first is critical to maintaining your viability and remaining competitive. We will help you be prepared to seize opportunities and avoid the mistakes of your competitors. Winning business strategies take time and effort to develop. Being in position to take advantage of opportunities to grow your markets and expand profits make time spent planning for them with GEA well worth the effort.

Partial list of key strategies GEA can consult on:

  • Customer development and retention strategy
  • Distribution strategybusiness strategy
  • Expansion and growth strategy
  • Facilities strategy
  • Globalization strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Merger & acquisition strategy
  • Product branding strategy
  • Product positioning strategy
  • Procurement strategy
  • Outsourcing strategy
  • Quality improvement process
  • Supply chain management             

Acquisitions and Alliances

Are you considering taking advantage of strategic alliances or acquisition opportunities? GEA experts can provide detailed analysis of capital equipment value, manufacturing productivity, operational excellence, product cost vs. value and technology capability which are critical to preparation of budgets, evaluating possible duplication and acquisition strategy. GEA can provide independent third party assessment to complement your in-house evaluations.