HVAC Clients | Customer Development

Success starts with knowing your HVAC clients. GEA uses Customer Centric Concepts to maintain this important customer focus. Knowing what your customers want and delivering it is the first step. Developing and strengthening the customer relationship is critical. Protecting this customer relationship by  retaining your top personnel is a key ingredient.

National and Strategic Accounts Programs

GEA provides a methodology that enables your company to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with large complex customers. These customers require a different approach that focuses on meeting their long term needs that go beyond a product-only relationship. With over 25 years of experience building such programs with national, global and strategic customers, GEA can help your company add incremental sales by

  • expanding business with existing customersGEA Customer and Market Services
  • add significant large customers to your account base
  • help you develop support services for these important customers
  • develop a cohesive team to provide communication and solution support

Sales Personnel Development and Retention

Trained and skilled sales personnel are the vital link to your customers satisfaction and loyalty. Sales professionals today must know how to provide a high level of customer value while advancing your business objectives. GEA'S Customer Centric Concepts program actually makes the customer interface process more enjoyable and less stressful. With GEA'S direction your ability to better compensate and invest in your sales personnel through increased sales and profitability will enable you to attract and retain the best in your industry.

Strategic Customer Communications

Customers, overloaded with information, need to be reached effectively and promptly with new strategy, procedural changes, product information, critical marketing issues and general updates. Vital information including product marketing actions need to be properly communicated to your employees and on to your customers immediately. GEA brings expertise in strategic marketing and communications area by helping build communication programs that fit your company’s vision while supporting your customer relationship strategy.  Strategic communications including announcements, literature, PR, media, and customer events compliment GEA’s HVAC Business Services offering for an integrated business, customer and market services.Free Consultation (507) 895-6826

Key Personnel

Roger WalkerRoger Walker

Sales Executive specializing in growing revenue via new programs and markets with extensive experience ranging from small companies to global, Fortune 500 Companies. Headed Trane's National & Global Accounts program. Led the team that developed a world class "Customer Centric" process that maximized value to the customer, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty. Accomplished speaker and trainer.