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Next Generation Refrigerants:Standards and Climate Policy refrigerant tradeoffsImplications of Engineering Constraints

Paper by Hung Pham, ECT and Harvey Sachs, ACEEE

Discussion of the tradeoffs in refrigerant properties. Includes good explanations of the current alternatives including the array of new blends under consideration.

WMO Statement on Global Climate for 2010

Data, analysis and discussion of Global Climate and Ozone Depletion 

"Assessment of HCFCs and Environmentally Acceptable Alternatives"

(UNEP) TEAP 2010 Progress Report - May 2010

"Scoping Study on Alternatives to HCFC Refrigerants under High Ambient Temperature Conditions" 

(UNEP) TEAP 2010 Progress Report - May 2010

Expert Credibility in Climate Change

A new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds that experts in the field share a "striking agreement" with the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The study finds that the expertise and prominence of climate researchers convinced by the evidence of climate change "vastly overshadows that of the climate change skeptics and contrarians." 

Real Prospects for Energy Efficiency in the United States by National Acadamy of Sciences

Energy Future With an accelerated effort to employ a variety of effi ciency technologies in the buildings, transportation, and industrial sectors, the United States by 2030 could reduce its energy use by 30 percent 

 State of GREEN Business 2008 by GreenBiz.com

An assessment of the Green Business trends with a wealth of data, conclusions and predictions of energy, recycling, buildings, customers, companies actions, etc. By GreenBiz.com

Energy and the Environment-A Global Perspective by Larry Butz

 Article category: global warming facts and the effects of global warming. This evaluates the increasing demands for energy and the contribution to global warming are causing governments and companies around the world to look to high efficiency and clean energies as a solution. Summary of Hong Kong seminar presentation in December 2001. .

The Environment-A Global Overview by Larry Butz

 Article category: global warming facts and the effects of global warming. This article presents an analysis of the global environmental threats affecting businesses, governments and peoples of the world, such as ozone depletion, global warming facts, environmental costing, and total environmental impact. Presented at Technology/Environmental Seminar in Singapore and China in January 2002 .

Environmental Update PPT. Presentation by Larry Butz

PPT presentation at LaCrosse area ASHRAE meeting December 9, 2008.
Ozone Depletion, Global Warming & Climate Change, Water Shortages, Clean Energies, Refrigerants.