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World Class Factory Auditing Including Your Customers by Ed Eisermann

Factory Product Audit with Customer Participation-Are you brave enough?GEAs Ed Eisermann

Do you have the confidence in your product to invite a client to your factory floor to participate in an audit of your product? There are three steps to develop the confidence to take this step:

    • Creation of a procedure with and a record of audit attributes and repeat demerit score of 5 or less.

    • Practicing for the audit

    • Customer participation on audit day 

Making CMMS Work For You by Charles Bakey Charles Bakey


The first thing you should do is to congratulate yourself for being aware and wanting to improve!  It is likely that your degree of interest is directly related to the severity of headaches from production interruptions and quality issues.  Equipment Reliability is a challenge in any manufacturing operation and in most service industries.  Essentially, Reliability consists of two components: MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).  In some businesses equipment reliability is absolutely essential and the means of achieving that is closely monitored and controlled.  Some examples of these industries are aircraft, medical, and electrical utilities.  But, make no mistake, poor equipment reliability is costly and is controllable in any business