Global HVAC Industry Library

 GEA's Larry Butz

Global Outsourcing Presentation  by Larry Butz

 (1.9MB PPT) Facts and myths of outsourcing. Risks. What to expect. Top 10 outsourcing countries. Hidden Costs. In-sourcing. Recommendations. Presented January 2005 at ASHRAE meeting .

Pitfalls of Overseas Manufacturing by Larry Butz

 (1.2 MB PPT) Analyzes the factors involved in outsourcing products or components to offshore locations. Presented at Growing Manufacturing conference May 2004. , a GEA business globalization and energy efficiency expert. 

China Manufacturing PPT. Presentation by Larry Butz China factory

 (2.6 MB PPT) To remain competitive many firms look to China as a source of materials, components, and product manufacturing. The complexity of these outsourcing decisions is discussed. Presented April 2003 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

China Technology Transfer-Factory Start Up

A case history of production start up of centrifugal and screw chillers in China.

Engineers Week Presentation by Larry Butz 

 (2.1 MB PPT) Globalization has shaped the engineering community over the last two decades. International competitors and resources changes the way we do business. Global environmental issues impact business strategies.

HVAC Trends by Larry Butz  

(PPT file - 6 MB) Trends include Sustainability, Globalization, Speed to Market, Refrigerants, New Technologies and Energy.