HVAC Training Services

GtrainingEA's HVAC training experts provide clients with high quality training in

  • air conditioning principles

  • sales and marketing

  • brazing and welding

  • quality systems and audits

  • safety

  • manufacturing technologies

Centuries of combined expertise in HVAC systems, equipment design, testing, sales, marketing, and manufacturing process improvements provide GEA with unmatched experience.

Quality Systems and Audits

We provide quality training and assistance to help you:

  • implement quality system(s) optimized for the products/services being provided
  • establish auditing and feedback processes to assure ongoing compliance
  • implement systems to comply with pressure vessel, electrical and safety standards
  • establish certification programs for ISO 9001 Quality Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Standard
  • learn Six Sigma principles to resolve problems, waste and costs.
  • Apply flow charts and process mapping to alleviate bottlenecks and quality deviations
  • work with customers and company sales and service people to resolve field or site quality problems.

Brazing and Welding Training

Brazing and Welding TrainingWe train workers, establish procedures and specification to ensure high quality brazing and welding of a wide range of materials by GEA's own in-house metallurgist.

Get to the root causes of joint failures, quality problems or costs that are too high. GEA has extensive knowledge and experience in SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and BRAZING as well as SUB-ARC and PLASMA. Can help you meet ASME, TUV and AWS codes and standards.


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