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HVAC System Performance

BuildingsGEA Consultants can provide specialized help for buildings or systems already operating but have not yet achieved their full potential. GEA provides independent third party perspective of an industry expert that can help resolve differences or difficulties encountered in some installations.

Our in-depth knowledge of HVAC products and systems comes from years of computer modeling and testing under the most stringent conditions in some of the industries’ best test laboratories. Our engineers performed thousands of hours of reliability testing and certification testing to bring some of the best products in the world to fruition. The depth of their understanding is unparalleled.

GEA'S HVAC Energy Efficiency Analysis

GEA HVAC system consultants can analyze under performing HVAC systems for optimization of equipment, lights and harmonization of Building Energy Management Systems providing opportunities to conserve energy and cut costs while providing environmentally and people friendly facilities. The potential for energy conservation varies depending on the design of the existing system, the method of operation, operating standards, maintenance of control systems, monitoring of the system, and competence of the operators. GEA’s HVAC system analysis results in a detailed implementation plan specifically provided for each installation. Areas that may be targets for saving energy include but are not limited to:

  • replacing controlsCEM
  • ancillary heating cooling equipment
  • changing air damper operation
  • upgrading equipment
  • installing a economizer cycle
  • building or zone scheduling
  • lighting modification

These are just a few operating issues evident in many existing systems that prevent proper system operation. GEA'S HVAC consultants can identify and correct for them for you.

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