Product Improvement | HVAC Partners

GEA provides unparalleled resources for small and medium size manufacturers to help:product improvement

  • Resolve quality problems
  • Improve product performance
  • Reduce product cost
  • Resolve critical materials and corrosion problems

GEA's experienced experts provide an extension of in-house resources to take advantage of opportunities, or in times of crisis.

Product Modifications

Whether your customers want new features, improved performance, lower cost or you are entering new markets, we can help make the modifications with our HVAC experts quickly and reliably.

Cost Reduction & Value Analysis

Reduce product cost, eliminate reliability problems and improve process flow through standardization of components, materials and processes. GEA Consultants bring an independent perspective and decades of experience in the HVAC industry.

Design Reviews

Review product design and/or system level components for reliability, serviceability, FMEA, and manufacturability. GEA's Recognized Industry Experts can provide valuable expertise in a full range of HVAC Technologies for your next Design Review.

Product Development

GEA expertise can help equipment manufacturers accelerate the development or improvement of their products. Experienced GEA consultants provide development teams the experience to make good, rapid decisions based on decades of experience. It is not necessary to test everything when you have experience on your team.

Implement Quality Systems

Develop and implement quality system(s) optimized for the products/services being provided. Establish auditing and feedback processes to assure ongoing compliance. Apply Six Sigma principles to resolve problems. Reduce waste and costs. Utilize flow charts and process mapping to alleviate bottlenecks and quality deviations. See our HVAC Quality page for additional details.

Manufacturing Process Improvements Manufacturing Process Improvements

GEA's manufacturing process improvement experts can help you reduce working capital and defects, increase inventory turns, and improve on-time shipping. Implement lean manufacturing processes that simplify your factory, supply chain, and customer channels to maximize effectiveness. See our HVAC Manufacturing page for more details.

Corrosion & Materials Problems

Review the selection and application of chemicals, materials and processes used in making your products. Evaluate substances used in the manufacturing process. GEA staff includes an in-house Metallurgist who can help with your Materials Selection as well as Corrosion Analysis help as needed.

Corrosion Problems?  Solve Them with GEA Expertise