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Toward World Class Production Implementation by Ed EisermannEd Eisermann

How often do we hear about the recalls of a major redesign of an automotive product? We all know of new and redesigned products reaching the field with “issues”. Engineers and surely Management ask, “How did we miss that during the introduction process ”. The following process has been successfully used in a variety of HVAC product implementations.

The process described in this paper begins at the point where the design has been tested and verified to confirm that the design outputs meet the design inputs (customer,

marketing and engineering specifications).

Responsibilities for key members must be clearly defined and completed on time.

Do we pursue LEAN for the right reason?   by Dick Kuster GEA's Dick Kuster


We are often asked to look at Lean to reduce costs and improve manufacturing.  We hear Lean expressed as a cost reduction or yet another efficiency improvement program.  These are misconceptions (or at least the wrong focus) about the real purpose of Lean. 


While cost reduction, greater efficiency and improved manufacturing are likely results of effective Lean implementations, when we focus on the total process from beginning-to-end, as Lean dictates, we begin to identify and eliminate waste and continuously improve the process.  This is when we see what Lean truly offers.

Flow charting-Developing a proceedure the right way by Ed Eisermann

(35 KB PDF) The best approach is whatever leads to the clearest and easiest to understand procedures. Flowcharting is ssential to the development and implementation of procedures are generally easier to use, shorter and more precise while lasting longer.