HVAC Manufacturing Facilities | Equipment

HVAC manufacturing improvements and operating efficiencies, reduce costs and improve your business capabilities by using GEA's skilled Manufacturing Facilities experts.

  • Manufacturing FacilityFactory Design & Layout
  • Plant Utilities & Services
  • Energy Savings
  • Equipment Selection
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Lab & Factory Safety

Factory Design & Layout

Whether you are starting with a greenfield site or improving an existing site our experts will provide a world class manufacturing facility that delivers a high-quality, low-cost product quickly, while maintaining a safe and pleasant working environment. GEA is an industry leader with world wide experience in using Lean and Flow principles to deliver facilities that consistently provide these critical benefits to your business. GEA will deliver reductions in cycle time, lead time, inventory, capital equipment, space and lost time accidents. 

Plant Utilities & Services

GEA will provide the expertise to bring you into conformance to code including OSHA, NEC and NFPA. Our consultants have been part of the manufacturing world for 20+ years of hands-on experience. We offer rational cost effective solutions for common challenges such as power distribution and metering, fire protection and emergency systems, contracts with fuel and power suppliers, new plant site selections, new plant design and build and safety and security systems and procedures.

Energy Savings

Save energy dollars by reducing operating costs and resolving performance problems. GEA has AEE Certified Energy Managers who help businesses by providing factory energy audits with energy analysis, optimization of equipment and lights and harmonization of Energy Management Systems.

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Capital Equipment Selection

GEA experts can help you select new or used equipment that is right for the job, design, and fabricate fixtures to meet the process requirements, apply Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) principles and provide expert advice on budget preparation, de-commissioning and disposal as needed.

Equipment Maintenance & Reliability

Plant & Equipment Maintenance & ReliabilityGEA professionals provide expertise in equipment selection, installation, startup, reliability/maintenance, controls and retrofits that insure your continuing manufacturing success at optimized costs. We use CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) to employ a progressive series of common sense steps that synchronize purchasing, project management, planned/preventive maintenance, work order analysis and financial systems with established performance metrics to optimize your facilities expenditures.

Office, Laboratory & Factory Safety

Safety in the office or plant is one of the most critical and cost effective steps any company can practice. Cultivating a positive work place for employees by preventing complacency, improving communication and providing proper office/plant layout benefits everyone. GEA'S experts solve client's safety issues in a technically competent manner whether the challenge is safety in the laboratory, the factory or the office to reduce exposure to risk or the evaluation of chemical use to determine the necessary handling requirements and maximum exposure concentrations.