HVAC Engineering Consulting

GEA consulting engineers are experts in HVAC Engineering Technologies; HVAC Technologyeverything that goes into a chiller, a rooftop unit, a residential heat pump, AHUs, fan coils, heat pumps…you name it. These are the designers and developers  of these products; the people who do the computer modeling, build the prototypes, do the performance, reliability and certification tests before the product is released for sale.

Material selection, component testing, sound measurements, shipping and vibration tests, code compliance, etc. are some of the areas of expertise that GEA consultants provide to the HVAC industry and those industries interfacing with heating ventilation and air conditioning systems.

HVAC Engineering Expertise that GEA can help you with:

  1. Heat Transfer/Heat Exchanger Designers
  2. Compressor Design and Application – Positive Displacement and Centrifugal
  3. Oil Return IssuesHVAC Technology
  4. HVAC Equipment Testing
  5. Air Movement Technologies
  6. Motors and Electrical
  7. Materials Selection
  8. Alternate Cycles
  9. Refrigerants and Lubricants

No matter what stage you are at GEA can help you take the next steps to bring your technology or product into commercialization. 

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Product Development

GEA expertise can help equipment manufacturers accelerate the development or improvement of their products. Experienced GEA consultants provide development teams the experience to make good, rapid decisions based on decades of experience. It is not necessary to test everything when you have experience on your team.