HVAC Expert | HVAC Patents

PatentsThe GEA team consists of HVAC Experts from a wide range of manufacturing, technical and management disciplines. Our group is unique in that it specializes in Serving the Global HVAC Industry with the following services.

HVAC Patent Consultation

GEA experts provide technical assessments of your ideas and patent filings. We can lay out a recommended technology development plan and help you bring your idea to the marketplace.

Technology Evaluation and Commercialization

Have the GEA professionals evaluate your new technology. We will perform a thorough analysis and recommend a course of action to speed you on your way to product commercialization. Our HVAC experts can assist in approaching the right parties in the value chain that would perceive maximum value for your new technology.


HVAC Codes, Standards & Agency Approval/Compliance

Understanding and complying with codes and standards including obtaining various agency approvals is difficult. We will implement systems in your facility to comply with pressure vessel, electrical and safety standards and establish certification programs for ISO 9001Quality Standard and ISO14001 Environmental Standard. We provide consultation on ASHRAE and ARI Standards and Guidelines.

Refrigerants and HVAC Environmental Issues

GEA technical experts provide environmental training, seminars, and consultation to HVAC industry organizations, scientific groups, governments and multi-national corporations around the world. Our Environmental Update eNewsletter has provided environmental information and analysis to a global audience for more than a decade. Our personnel serve on key HVAC industry organizations around the world.HVAC Testing

HVAC Testing

GEA has full access to the test laboratories and can provide experienced leadership in development testing that can speed the development cycle and reduce test costs.

HVAC Training-Management & Technical

GEA personnel can provide training and seminars in sales and marketing, safety, quality systems and audits, manufacturing process improvement, technician training, welding techniques, business management, business processes environmental technologies, and product development. Visit our HVAC Training page for further information.